100+ Summer Games & Activities
Have a summer camp for your kids
from the comfort of your own home!
* Guaranteed Fun!  If you don't love it, we will give you your money back! *
Prevent Summer Boredum - Have a CAMP!
It’s summer time – and you don’t want your kids sitting staring off into space or watching TV all day?? Right? Time for summer camp AT HOME.

We have over 100 Activities, complete with supply lists, calendars, variation ideas - All the ideas you need to run a summer camp, for your kids, in your own backyard!
Creativity - with Water & Art
Getting wet is the definition of summer!

Creativity and problems solving are learned by kids through open-ended play - many with water!!

We have dozens of ideas and activities to keep boredom away, all summer long!
Outdoor Exploring Ideas
Getting your kids outside, and into the dirt, through play is powerful.  We have ideas to help you make the most of your backyard.  

There are also dozens of creative, easy arts and craft ideas and opportunities to help your kids create masterpieces indoors AND get your kids outside and exploring nature!
Sensory Play
 There is a whole collection of activities to help your kids explore through sensory play!

 They have a full page with literally dozens of common household items that you can transform this summer into weeks of fun!
Guide comes with:
  • Printable Summer Schedule.
  • Summer Routine Family Plan.
  • Check Off Bucket List.
  • ...and 100+ Activities, Crafts & Ideas!
100+ Easy to do activities!
Like the activity in the video, all the activities in this book are easy to do.  They don't take a whole lot of planning on your part - and they all use common, household supplies.  So there is NO need to buy extra stuff!  

You have all the fun you could want - at home, just waiting!

What is a summer of memories and play worth to you?
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Start Your Summer of Fun
Your kids will have a BLAST!  We promise.  Or your money back!
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